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At Beyond Business Solutions we assess the health of your organization and in partnership with your needs, concerns, and goals provide recommendations that could include coaching, training,  or project execution for you to create an effective and powerful environment that not only positively impacts the bottom line of the business but also has a positive impact on your employees and their family’s and communities.

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Beyond Business Solutions' customized services allow organizations to develop the leadership competencies and culture needed to meet specific challenges and business realities



Every organization positioned for success requires effective leaders that demonstrate the ability to drive change collectively, throughout the organization.

Business Services

Beyond Business Solutions, programs and services are designed to create a culture of performance needed to accelerate results. Grounded in continued research and 20 years of experience developing successful leaders, BBS's programs target the real challenges your organization is facing.

Executive Coaching

What keeps you up at night and who do you have to talk to about it that has your back and will also be authentically honest with you?

Management Training &

As the owner or executive do you spend more time getting involved in the tactical day to day of your organization? We can provide your managers and supervisors with what they need to take that on which frees you up to be strategic ensuring delivery to your customers, employees and shareholders.

Training workshops or

Sometimes Training by itself is not enough. Our programs use a buffet style set up so you can add coaching and on-site support along with the training if needed.

Organization Effectiveness

Culture eats strategy for lunch! Don’t let this be you. Have your culture, your leadership team, your processes / policies and engagement of your people in support of your strategy!

Our Values

Transparency – at BBS we recognize that honesty and openness about all matters is a good way to engage with our clients and to support them with making the right decisions.

Authenticity – at BBS we stand behind what we believe and openly share our perspectives. We encourage and respect when others do the same. We see this as a win-win and a way to foster open communication with all of our stakeholders.

Empowerment – at BBS we believe in giving our clients an opportunity to learn, experiment, and take responsibility. Empowerment produces opportunities for growth and the development of confidence to take on new skills and excel in leadership.

Hear From Our Clients

Dr. Milton Mattox

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amayea at two different companies. She is by far one of the most gifted and proficient leaders I know. Amayea and I have often spoken about how to improve organizational performance using Lean, Agile and other methodologies based on the particular needs of the organization. In addition to being extremely results driven and a loyal professional, she is an incredibly inspirational individual. Specifically, Amayea is well known for her skills as a change leader and organizational effectiveness. It’s a real pleasure working with Amayea as she’s one of the most dependable individuals in our organization. More importantly, she is an innovative, customer focused, achievement oriented and wise team player. Her amazing background and experience are indicative of her tenacious drive and will to persevere. Amayea is probably one of the best strategic leaders and program managers I’ve ever met and I look forward to working with her for years to come.

Penelope Porter

My business used Amayea as a business management coach. She is excellent at understanding the problems and helping to correct them. I would highly recommend her.

Deborah Knox

Amayea presented an awesome workshop on Stephen Covey's 7habits of excellence. She's a great presenter and I recommend her highly.