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At Beyond Business Solutions we assess the health of your organization and in partnership with your needs, concerns, and goals provide recommendations that could include coaching, training,  or project execution for you to create an effective and powerful environment that not only positively impacts the bottom line of the business but also has a positive impact on your employees and their family’s and communities.

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Executive Coaching

As the business owner / CEO / or executive who has your back? Who do you have that can listen to you objectively; listening for what keeps you awake at night; what your visions are and then give you candid and powerful feedback to help you discover what is in the way of delivering? Our coaching provides you with that and based on your needs also includes assessments where the output will leave you with clarity and actions to take.


As the business owner / CEO / Executive / Director are you spending too much time in the tactical day to day business because your Supervisors, first and second line managers need help? We will provide training and Development Programs that will have your team supervisors and managers taking on the day to day tactical business successfully leaving you to be strategic 80% of the time and making a difference for your company and/or organization and customers as a whole!

Training workshops or Programs

Depending on the needs of your business and leaders you can craft a “buffet style” program.  This includes training workshops; Training with some coaching: whole programs that include training, coaching, and Observation and support inside the business.

The Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Performance Excellence
  • Team Development
  • Communication – Internal
  • Customer Service / Customer Experience Improvement
  • Business Process Improvement


Do you have fabulous strategies and a fabulous product or service but can’t seem to get the velocity and excellence you know is possible from your organization? Are you ready to expand but know that you cannot do so with the current structure and culture that you have?
Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch! You may have some gaps in your culture and your Organizations effectiveness which will get in the way of you delivering for your customers, employees and shareholders.
We will come in and assess the health of your organization, your leadership teams, your culture and in general the engagement of your employees. We will provide you with immediate recommendations and support along with supporting a longer-term change if necessary.

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At Beyond Business Solutions the health of your organization is the reason we exist